‘..what is vitality if a life is forced between brackets?’
- Marwa Helal

this project was made as a  response to Marwa Helal’s )[[:”.’.,:]]( REMIXED as part of The Lifted Brow's  "Brow Park" (Bonfire Park x TLB) in their 44th issue: Digital Intimacies. (I also have an [unrelated] poem in this issue). 
ALEPH {a life} was premiered at the Digital Intimacies launch on Friday 13/12/19 in Birraranga (melbourne, au).
I made everything present in this {ا ife} using unity(+ase), audacity, ps & ai, except for the photoscan of the Martyrs' Monument (made available for Thawra Jam).
ALEPH {a life} was nominated for Excellence in Visual Art and the Experimental Game Award for Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2020

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Authormohamed chamas
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